Sunday, January 12, 2014

Our Journey Back

The other morning I was hearing a talk by President Uchtdorf "Your Wonderful Journey Home". It brought me back to an experience I had a couple of years ago:

It had been snowing for weeks. I was on way home and like always, my favorite, traffic! I was probably 1 mile away from my house, but sitting in that traffic felt like I would never get home. Knowing I could do nothing to change the situation I turned up my music a little higher and waited. Finally the traffic was moving, finally, I could get home! There was one street that took forever to turn left because there was always cars going the other direction that didn't let you pass, so knowing this town well, I decided to take a little shortcut. There was a yield sign, but with all the snow that had been pushed to the side walks I could barley see where I was turning. I waited for a while and treated the yield sign more like a stop light. I waited and waited until it was clear. No cars. As I slowly moved forward making sure I looked at both sides I proceed to make a left turn. The next thing I could remember was people talking to me and asking me if was okay. When I realized I was okay I stepped out of the car and started to look around. I started to get a little sad and frustrated with myself. Maybe I should be have waited a little longer. Why has this happened to me? I quickly humbled myself and was just grateful I was still alive. 

Even though the talk " Your Wonderful Journey Home" was directed to the young women I think it relates to all of us. I love what President Uchtdorf said at the end of his talk : "There will always be things to complain about—things that don’t seem to go quite right. You can spend your days feeling sad, alone, misunderstood, or unwanted. But that isn’t the journey you had hoped for, and it’s not the journey Heavenly Father sent you to take. Remember, you are truly a daughter of God! With this in mind, I invite you to walk confidently and joyfully. Yes, the road has bumps and detours and even some hazards. But don’t focus on them. Look for the happiness your Father in Heaven has prepared for you in every step of your journey. Happiness is the destination, but it’s also the path. “Peace in this world, and eternal life in the world to come” is what He promises. That is why He commands us to “be of good cheer.”

Even though trails may come, never forget that there is a loving Heavenly Father who has sent us here for a reason. Do not fear, God is always near. If we trust in him we can all make our journey back home.